Welcome to Design Waffle!

I’m Ashley Stopera. My husband (who will most likely end up in my posts quite a bit regardless of how he feels about it) is Travis. We were married in September of 2012 and had quite the DIY wedding. I’ll be posting all about our big day in it’s own tab.
I’m a graphic designer for a college in my hometown. I’m a bit of a perfectionist [insert Travis rolling his eyes here] and I’m apparently a waffler in the sense that I’m indecisive more times than I’d like to admit. But when I see something that is just right, I can be very impulsive (watch out HomeGoods!). I have a deep love for all things creative. I enjoy sewing, “fixing things”, cooking, graphic design, and beautifying my house. And now that I’ve mentioned my house, this is really why I started this blog. When we first bought our house it was a 25-year-old cape cod with zero personality. It was very well kept, but nearly everything was original. It’s been just over a year now and our house looks completely different. It’s a home. Our home. And I love that. We’ve painted every room on the first floor, including all the dark stained trim to a nice clean white. We’ve replaced ceiling fans, lights, flooring, the powder room vanity, the entire kitchen and we’re just getting started. We don’t have kids yet, but I guess you could say we’re in the “nesting” phase right now. I’m a little late with starting my blog, but I’ll catch you up on everything you missed during our first year of homeownership and all the diy projects that came along with it.
So I bet you’re wondering what’s up with the whole “waffle” thing, right? Well, first of all, set aside your first impressions: A light crisp batter cake baked in a waffle iron, syrup, an excuse to slather on butter, The Waffle House, Belgium.
Waffle also means: unsure of or change one’s mind, indecisive, to rattle on (I can’t promise I won’t do this occasionally), to hold back (there definitely won’t be any of that!)
And I can’t lie, I also love me a nice crispy waffle. So with all of these reasons, why not call my blog Design Waffle?
Having said all of that… thanks for stopping by, come back often, and happy reading!

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