Padded Tree Stump Stools


This post is 100% all my Dad’s (can you tell where I got my craftiness from?!) He made these cushion topped stump stools as additional fire pit seating. I loved what he did and thought you would too so I’m sharing his project details and photos.

These cushions are totally waterproof, rustproof, and rotproof. I like that the cushion has a notch that fits into the stump so that it doesn’t slip off or slide when you sit down. He drilled drain holes to help it dry out if it gets rained on. The cool part is that they aren’t permanently attached to the stump so you can even take them inside when you’re not using them.


    • outdoor upholstery fabric
    • 3/8″ stainless steel screws (won’t rust)
    • stainless steel staples (won’t rust)
    • tree stumps
    • Azek or Starboard marine lumber/pvc material (for cushion base)
    • polyester batting (fluff inside the cushion)


    • pneumatic staple/nail gun or manual upholstery stapler
    • scissors
    • drill (used for assembly and to make drain holes)
    • jigsaw (to cut pvc material into a circle)
    • 2″ bore bit (for stump notch)
    • 2 1/8″ hole saw (for circle cutout on bottom of cushion)








The photos are pretty self explanatory but if you have a question, ask away. I’ll pass them along to my dad.

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Padded Tree Stump Stools

  1. Did you drill holes in the pvc material for a reason..or did it come like that?

  2. The holes were drilled to promote drainage and prevent any possible water logging, mold, etc.

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