Emma’s DIY Fabric Pennant Banner

I know I’ve been super behind with my posts lately but I’m trying to catch up. Back in December, I made this cute fabric pennant banner for my little niece’s nursery. At the time, she wasn’t even born yet. Now she’s almost 3 months old! Where has the time gone? And why didn’t I share this project earlier? Two words: Grad School. Enough said about that. Here’s how the pennant turned out! And a cute photo from when Emma was still an “inside baby”.

Finished Pennant maternity photo with name pennant

I won’t include a full description of how I made this since it’s pretty self explanatory. So here’s a quick photo rundown of how this project came together…

diy fabric pennant banner

Quick Notes:

  • Everything was sewn with my Brother sewing machine. The ribbon connecting all the letters is sewn as well. I did not use any fabric glue.
  • The letters were sewn on when the triangles were unfolded and actually diamonds. That way I could fold them into triangles, sew around the edges (leaving a gap for flipping), and flip them right side out again, without seeing any backside stitches from the letters.
  • I chose not to fold the letter edges under, so they are a bit ragged. Since I don’t expect this thing to need laundering, fraying should never be an issue.
  • Ironing is key with this project when it comes time to flip each triangle right side out and sew a seam for structure around the edges.
  • The pennant is made from the same fabric used in Emma’s crib bedding, so it matches the room perfectly!

This was a simple one, but ask away if I was too brief. Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Emma’s DIY Fabric Pennant Banner

  1. What an adorable bedroom. Love the color scheme!

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