A Rainbow Blanket for Baby Emma

I’m happy to be sharing my first post since early January! I haven’t been a lazy lump on a log, I promise. I’ve actually been quite busy with graduate classes. I sadly haven’t had the time to work on any new projects let alone write about them. I definitely have the itch to make something (anything at this point!) and I’m counting down the days until spring break and the end of the semester when I can get back to doing what I love most. Today is a snow day in Southern Maryland so I had some extra time on my hands. I made this blanket for my sweet little niece Emma back in December.

This project was the result of a special request by my sister. She wanted a rainbow blanket symbolic of her rainbow baby. I added a rainbow to an existing blanket in an applique style. All of the fabric used was leftover from over five years worth of sewing projects for my nieces and nephews.

This little babe is over 2 months old and already much bigger than the itsy bitsy baby in the photos below. Now she’s a little chunkamunk and starting to smile. Our family is completely in love 🙂

rainbow blanket tutorial

Here’s Kimble monitoring the snow from a warm and dry distance. It’s 2:45 pm and the snow is still falling. I’d guess we have about 6″ now.


Sewing the Rainbow:

I started with a pattern that I drew by hand. Then I traced out the pieces of fabric with my trusty disappearing ink fabric marker. I pinned and sewed each color one at a time so each overlapped the previous color. With my sewing machine, I sewed the entire rainbow onto a very thin white cotton fabric. Afterwards I trimmed around the rainbow, tucking under all the white fabric and then sewed it onto the pink striped blanket. The pink blanket has two layers of fabric, a pink and white striped side and a solid pink side. I sewed the rainbow on by hand so that the stitches only remained on the one layer without showing the stitches on the backside. It was time consuming, but worth the extra effort for a cleaner look.


This was a quick project to post about, but took a few nights of sewing to finish. I hope to be back to blogging more consistently soon. For now, thanks for reading and hanging in there with me.


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