Backyard Makeover: Instant Grassification

A few months ago we tackled our front yard and now… I’m so excited to have a backyard! I have to say, it was definitely one of the WORST projects we have ever done. Clearing trees, brush, 10 ft tall weeds, fallen trees and logs really sucks. But it was worth all the work…

Backyard Makeover

FYI: Practically all the photos in this post are a different size. I guess that’s what happens when you use a combination of multiple phones and cameras! Sorry!

Clearing the Land:

Most of our backyard was filled with weeds and dead trees. There was a hurricane a few months before we moved in that took down a few pretty large trees. The previous owners had the trees cut up but left the tree stumps and logs all over the place. We had our work cut out for us. Lucky for us, Travis’ dad brought over his tractor to help pull out the stumps and little trees.

yard makeover

yard makeover

yard makeover

We used a wood chipper to chop up the brush. Once the piles were out of the way, Travis used a stump grinder to remove 8 or so stumps that were too short for the tractor to pull out. The rental place said he clocked over 7 hours in one day with the stump grinder!

yard makeover  yard makeover

yard makeover

There was one tree stump that was particularly tough. This one was laying on it’s side, partly buried and still attached by deep roots. The guys tried their best to get it out themselves but were ultimately defeated. We ended up needing to call a professional tree removal company. They laughed when we told them we tried to remove it ourselves. They brought in a big tractor with a claw on the front and dug around it. Then they ripped it out. Money well spent.

We used the tractor to get more dirt to fill the huge hole left from the stump, then we grated the land to make it nice and flat.

yard makeover

Instant Grassification:

I couldn’t wait to get to this part of the yard makeover. It felt like it would never get here after looking at a lumpy, muddy yard for weeks. We ordered our sod online (I know, weird right?) from a place about an hour away. It was delivered and the pallets were placed randomly throughout the yard. We ordered 2,900 square feet… so that tells you how much bigger our yard is now!

yard makeover  yard makeoveryard makeover  yard makeoveryard makeover  yard makeover

yard makeover

The next day we dug underneath the outer pieces of the sod where it met up to the old grass so it would be flush with the yard. We also rented a yard roller to help smoosh the sod to the ground. The whole project took over a month.

yard makeover

Kimble can’t wait until we extend his electric fence into the new yard…just a couple more weeks.

Happiness is a yard full of green grass. I love just staring at it 🙂

yard makeover

As always, thanks for reading!


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