The Little Mermaid – Ariel Costume

Halloween costumes have sort of become a tradition for me to do in our family. I’ve made a dinosaur, frog, witch, dorothy, goddess, little red riding hood, wolf and I assisted in making a tinker bell costume. I’ve most likely forgotten a few costumes but those are the most memorable ones. This time the project was a little trickier. I’ve never made a mermaid tail before so it was an interesting challenge. Luckily this go around, I had an extra set of hands since my older sister was helping out. So here it goes, the making of a Little Mermaid Ariel Halloween costume…

(I can never wait to show the finished product, so here it is in all it’s glittery glory)

Little Mermaid Ariel Girl Costume


  • hot glue gun
  • purple tulle
  • nude colored leotard
  • purple sequin trim
  • teal leggings
  • shear teal fabric
  • cardboard
  • wide teal glitter ribbon
  • teal tutu

Making the Top:

I started by layering and folding the tulle over and over until it wasn’t see-through any longer. Then I tied it off with a piece of ribbon. I used the sequin trim to make the band and glued the tulle to it.

Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume

Making the Tail:

I used leggings to make sort of a pencil skirt. My sister used a seam ripper to take the stitches out of the leg portion of the leggings. Then I sewed them together. From there I sewed the tutu/skirt to the pencil skirt and trimmed the excess fabric from the pencil skirt. The thought behind adding length to the skirt was to create a mermaid dress shape so that the tulle flairs out near the knees.

Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume

My sister cut strips of the teal shear fabric and glued them to the top waistband and then again at the old waistband of the tulle skirt so that the fabric strips are tacked down at both ends. We stretched the whole skirt over a mini kid’s chair like a dress form. It actually worked really well.

Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume

For the actual tail part, I cut a piece of cardboard and sewed a cover for it. Then I added a longer piece of fabric that I sewed to the elongated skirt. I wrapped it in the teal fabric using the glue gun to hold it in place.

Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume Ariel Girl Costume

After all the strips of shear teal fabric were in place, we glued the teal glittery ribbon around the top waistband to finish off the look and hide all the rough ends.

Ariel Girl Costume

The purple top was layered over the nude colored leotard but we actually didn’t glue or sew them together. My sister wanted my niece to be able to use the leotard again so the stretchy sequin trim held it on. We added a green glittery headband and called the costume done. I love all the shades of green and teal in the tail.

Little Mermaid Ariel Girl Costume

My little niece was asleep when we finally finished her costume so I don’t have a photo of her wearing it yet. I’ll be sure to add a few when I get them. Thanks for reading!


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