Semi-homemade Wedding Hairclip

This one is a quick and easy project that anyone can do. I looked high and low for a rhinestone studded hair accessory under $100. The clip I had my heart set on was actually over $200 and I just couldn’t do it.

wedding accessories hair clip

So instead, I bought a rhinestone studded wedding headband from Michael’s. I pulled the rhinestone metal piece off the headband along with the feathers.

DIY wedding crystal hair clip

Then I bought these hair clips from Michael’s and hot glued one to the back of the rhinestone studded piece. Make sure that the clip doesn’t show from the front. I had to reglue mine after I realized part of it was showing on the side. And then that’s it. Told ya it was quick and easy! And I spent less than $20. Woo hoo!

DIY wedding hair clip

DIY wedding hair piece
DIY wedding crystal hair clip

It matched the rest of my accessories pretty well. Check out the hair clip in action…

DIY wedding crystal hair clip

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