I bleed kitchens….seriously.

I have a confession to make…

My parents own Beautiful Kitchens & Bath (new website coming soon!), a cabinetry remodeling company in Southern Maryland. My sister is a kitchen designer, and my brother-in-law is the lead installer. Every family member has served their time in the family business at some point in their life. I started with answering phones, and then when I graduated college I took over designing the advertisements (on the side currently) and we’re actually going through a rebranding process now. Needless to say… kitchens run in my blood. I was just born this way (insert Lady Gaga music here). I secretly prayed that when we bought our first home that it would have a really ugly kitchen because I wanted to design it myself… badly. Who actually wants an ugly kitchen when they buy a house??? This girl.

I can never wait until the end of the post to show the after, so here it is! (Sorry some of the photos may be darker than others, but this one is pretty true to the cabinet color..)

kitchen makeover

Here’s what our kitchen looked like when we moved in…

kitchen before

It really wasn’t all that terrible. It was a 25-year-old, oak cabinet, white laminate countertop, actually well-kept kitchen. It looked like a brand new old kitchen. But it wasn’t our taste and we had the resources to make the updates, so we listed everything for sale online and had a lot of interested buyers. It sold very quickly. While we were at it, the laminate floors were ripped up and new acacia hardwood was nailed down.

kitchen befo kitchen before

kitchen before oak cabinets

Here are a few of the demo photos:

kitchen demo kitchen demo

Travis may be annoyed that I used this photo but I only have a few of the actual demo. Sorry, Trav!

kitchen demo

kitchen demo kitchen demo

This blue room is our powder room. I’ll blog about this room separately (and soon!) since it has been through a big makeover as well.

kitchen demo

We started the renovation in Spring 2012, yet we didn’t do everything all at once. We were getting married in a few months and that was our number one priority at the time. So the backsplash, window seat, and trim work were left to finish after the wedding.

We went on our honeymoon in December and came home to a leaking pipe under the sink. We noticed puddles of water in the middle of the kitchen and our nice smooth floors were no more. Our beautiful acacia hardwood floors were swollen and buckling in the kitchen and down the hallway. My dad came over the next day to assess the damage and took a circular saw to the floors immediately. It was painful to watch and after ServPro came, this was the disastrous mess that we were left with for a month… (it could have been worse, though.)

kitchen water damage

kitchen water damage

Luckily insurance covered the cost of the flooring, repairs to the leaking pipes under the sink and to replace the insulation in the crawlspace underneath the kitchen. After things were back to the “pre-honeymoon kitchen state” we were motivated to actually get everything else done. We also decided to get new stainless steel appliances while we were at it. And this is how it looks today:

kitchen makeover

kitchen makeover

kitchen finished

The Tile:

We decided to go with matte white subway shaped tiles in a diagonal herringbone pattern. Then as an accent, we have brown and purple iridescent glass tiles, with chair rail moulding and liner tiles. This pattern has a lot going on, but the white helps to simplify the backsplash. Needless to say, our tile guy wasn’t too happy when he saw the plan, but lucky for us, he is just as detail-oriented as I am so it turned out perfect! Look at those perfect lines…

kitchen backsplash tile kitchen backsplash tile

I particularly love the look of the slide-in range vs. a traditional free-standing range because you can see even more of our beautiful tile instead of the control panel and knobs.

kitchen backsplash tile kitchen backsplash tile kitchen backsplash tile

kitchen finished kitchen finishedkitchen crystal chandelier light

kitchen-finished7 kitchen-finished8 kitchen finished shelf

This chicken came from TJMaxx, and it really wanted to live with us. So now it watches over the kitchen on our new shelf.

kitchen shelf

If you missed my post about our window seat cushion, you can read about it here. Since that post, I added these matching pillows.

kitchen bay window seat

Here’s a quick rundown of our kitchen:

  • maple cabinets in “bison” with soft closing drawers and doors
  • Arctic White granite countertops with hints of brown and purple
  • Acacia hardwood floors from Lumber Liquidators (this link is pretty similar to what we bought, but I can’t seem to find the exact product on their site)
  • brushed nickel hardware and faucet
  • stainless steel sink
  • white matte subway-style tiles (with coordinating chair and liner tiles)
  • brown and purple iridescent glass accent tiles
  • built-in bay window seat with extra storage and custom sewn cushion
  • crystal drum-shaped lighting by Possini Euro Designs (unfortunately, it’s now unavailable from LampsPlus, where we bought it.)
  • stainless steel appliances, purchased from HHGregg and Lowes. Everything was on clearance or an out-of-box item so we saved a ton of money on them

The new kitchen has cabinets that go to the ceiling, and have more usable space, which we really needed. The layout is very similar to the old kitchen but instead of a pantry closet, we have a pantry cabinet with rollout shelves, more drawers instead of doors so that we can access every bit of space. We still have room to put new things too.

kitchen pantry rollouts

kitchen cabinets

kitchen finished

Check out our new waffle magnet from the 5 Below store:

kitchen waffle magnet

kitchen makeover

I’m very happy to finally say “our kitchen is DONE!”

Special thank you shout-outs:

  • Rob (my brother-in-law) for installing the kitchen and flooring with Travis
  • Laura (my sister) for designing the kitchen
  • My Dad, who measured, helped with the electrical and plumbing and numerous odd and ends
  • My Mom for her helpful design suggestions
  • Donald, the tile guy who we tortured with our complicated backsplash design
  • Travis’ Dad for random odds and ends
  • The Beautiful Kitchens installers who put our flooring back together after the water damage fiasco

We are very very lucky to have be surrounded by so many helpful people. THANK YOU!!!


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