Wedding S’mores Bar

Travis and I had a shabby chic, rustic, yet elegant wedding in an old barn at Jefferson Patterson Park in St. Leonard, Maryland. I had so many ideas for our big day that I could hardly make the time for everything. I tell everyone that I wish we had started planning sooner, because I would have done twice as much as we did… and we did A LOT. Here’s one of the things we did to make our special day just a little more special…

smores bar

I knew we were going to have a cake, and favors that were cookies… but that didn’t stop us from having even more sweets at our wedding. S’mores seemed to fit the venue so perfectly and even though so many people told us it would be expensive to do, we did it anyway. And we didn’t break the bank in the process.

Smores bar ingredients

We built this awesome s’mores trough out of old pallets we found behind Lowes (they’ll actually let you have as many as you want!) We started by pulling all the nails out so we were left with just the wood. Then we reassembled it into the trough shape. Travis lightly sanded the wood and then we finished it up with a quick coat of stain. The rocks came from Ikea and the sternos and tongs came from PartyCity. We were lucky enough to be able to borrow all of the beautiful glass containers from a good friend of ours… thanks Julie!!! This in itself probably saved us around $200.

diy smores bar

We bought gourmet marshmallows from Plush Puffs, which to be completely honest, I have no idea what they tasted like. We were being pulled in so many directions that night, I hardly even had one s’more. What a shame. But I heard they were good! To keep the cost down, we bought a good amount of the classic Kraft marshmallows. We had Ghirardelli caramel squares and assorted fun-size candy bars. So even if you weren’t a s’mores fan, you could still fill up on all the fixings.

diy smores bardiy smores bar

We toasted the marshmallows with shish kabob sticks that were ridiculously cheap from Walmart. I’d say they were under $4 for about 400 of them. If you’ve already read our About tab, then you know I’m a graphic designer, so that’s where the labels and signage came in (the picture frames came from Ikea!).

Wondering where that cool rustic stick backdrop came from? Yep, we made that too. And yes, I rummaged through the woods to find all of them and then we stapled them (sandwiching them) between two pieces of wood to make a stand. I wish we had better photos of it but these two were from my crumby old phone. We bought little crystals from Michael’s and hung them from the little twig branches to soften and class it up a bit.

smores bar backdrop smores bar backdrop

toasting smoresThe entire cost of the s’mores bar was about $200, maybe less. It was one of those things people still talk about and our guests had fun toasting and assembling them so it was worth every penny.

After typing all of this, I could really go for a s’more right about now.

Interested in knowing who did our AMAZING photos? Check out LuLuEdward Photography!

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23 Responses to Wedding S’mores Bar

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  2. Jessica says:

    I really want to do this for my wedding, but I’m scared of creating a fire! I don’t want to set the hall I’m renting on fire… maybe I should do this just outside the hall? Did you have someone manning it the whole time?

    • I used sternos with rocks around them and the flames weren’t big at all. The flame was just big enough to get the job done. We didn’t have someone watching over it the entire time but we had someone who refilled the containers and cleaned up the marshmallow casualties throughout the night. I’d say we had the s’mores bar open for about an hour and a half. I wish I’d had it open longer though. Sternos are made to be used inside and outside so don’t be afraid to use them. They’re perfectly safe if kept away from linens and any other flammable items.

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  5. Jenna says:

    Beautiful idea! You are so creative. We are planning to do a s’mores bar for our upcoming wedding next August. I was wondering about the sternos… I am concerned if they are safe to melt the marshmallow. The toxic gel seems like it may not be good for people to cook their marshmallows on and then consume them.. Any thoughts??

    • I was worried about the sternos too and did some research on it. I read that as long as you don’t let the marshmallows touch the gel, then you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s only the gel that is toxic. The flame and heat are ok. Good luck with your s’mores bar and wedding planning!

  6. Sarah says:

    We’re getting married at JPP in April of this year & are doing a s’mores bar as well. I love how you set it up! Where in the pavillion did you guys have this?

    • We set up all food related tables in the narrow wing/area of the barn. The s’mores area was against the wooden door. It worked out perfectly for us. Congrats and good luck with your upcoming wedding!

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  8. We are getting married in September at a ranch that has a HUGE fire pit! How could we NOT take advantage?? However, I’m having trouble figuring out how much I should order from Plush Puffs and how much chocolate/ graham crackers we will need. We have a guest list of 125 people. Do you remember how many lbs you ordered from the Puffs site?

    • Hi Whitney,

      I ordered 1 lb each of toasty coconut, caramel swirl and peppi-mint. Then we used quite a few bags of regular marshmallows from the grocery store. We had about the same amount of people at our wedding and we had leftovers. I noticed the other day that Target sells peppermint marshmallows. It’s worth trying them out. I’m sure they’re much cheaper! Sign up for Plush Puffs emails. They’ll let you know when they’re having sales and send out promo codes. Also, ordering any wedding items around holidays is a good idea. Prices are always cheaper!

      Good luck with your s’mores. A fire pit sounds awesome!


  9. Sharon says:

    How did you estimate how much chocolate and graham crackers to buy?

    • Hi Sharon,

      It was a combination of filling the containers and figuring the average person might eat two. We also figured people might just eat the candy instead of making a s’more. We had quite a bit left over but we concentrated more on the containers not looking empty.

      Hopefully that helps!

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  12. Katherine Williams says:

    This is something I’ve been dreaming of for my wedding. My only question is if the sternos gave the marshmallows a weird taste?

    • Hi Katherine,

      We didn’t notice any odd flavors from the stereos. I did quite a bit of research and as long as you don’t let the gel touch the marshmallows, then it’s not toxic either. I’d suggest you buy a sterno and a bag a marshmallows and test it out for yourself. Sternos take a bit longer to toast though. Good luck!

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  14. Jah says:

    For those concerned about the sternos and chemical taste on marshmallows… I had the same reservation for the longest time until recently when I found a company called Fuel 21 that has a sustainable gel supposedly made from Sugar cane in the same way they make rum from cane which is flammable. Finally used the product for a Smores Bar at my company picnic and I must say it was really good, it burned hotter than the corn based products, lasted longer, did not have any off gassing or fumes and best of all did not leave any taste on the marshmallows! I have pictures if anyone would like!

  15. Tina says:

    I just ordered the sternals from FUEL 21! This product is made out of sugarcane! Here’s their contact information. You will need to call to place your order. 855-463-8352

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